BreezoMeter (EDIT: Not available in SG!)

I came across an article today which introduces a relatively new app (just released in January 2015) that not only allows users to know the quality of the air that they are breathing in, but also where can they find cleaner air in the city. It’s called BreezoMeter and is available on Google Play!

Apparently, it does offer suggestions of cleaner routes around the city, which will be great for people who are planning to jog or cycle around — it will be rather ironic if one tries to exercise to keep fit, but ended up subjecting him or herself to higher exposure of polluted air instead.

I thought the idea was really great as not only does it propose suggested routes, it also provides a set of advice for the user based on the current air quality. From what i observed from the pictures, air quality is represented through qualitative means (good, moderate, etc), which eliminates excessive numbers; this makes it a good app for the general public as the information that it provides can be easily understood.

NOTE: Wanted to give this app a try since ratings and reviews look good, but it does not work in Singapore, unfortunately 😦 (only available in the US). Wanted to take a look at the GooglePlay store to see if there are other apps available, and I found that the National Environment Agency (NEA) has an app, myENV, that provides data on air quality readings too (together with various different readings such as Wind, UV Index, Dengue Clusters, and so on). I still find BreezoMeter more attractive based on the description and looks/supposed functionality of the app alone. Perhaps such apps will attract more users and even achieve its goal better (users being aware of the air quality around them) if they offer additional functionality (such as suggesting exercise routes) instead of solely presenting data because there will be a greater impetus to use the app.


One thought on “BreezoMeter (EDIT: Not available in SG!)

  1. This app sounds good! But I think they could also actually insert nuggets of information about how we can go on about in helping save the environment! Would be a good way to educate, wouldn’t it?


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