Some updates on pollution by firecrackers

I posted 3 days ago about the likelihood of air pollution due to fireworks in Beijing during the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations. Over the next few days, I managed to read some news updates regarding the situation. Indeed, what authorities predicted came true: real time air-quality data from Beijing recorded a sharp jump in PM2.5 levels immediately after midnight. The article on IBT Pulse tells you the whole story with a few pictures that helps illustrate the point, do take a look at the article here!

The South China Morning Post also reports that “the air quality index rose from around 50 to 456 within a few hours, with average PM2.5 levels hitting 413 micrograms per cubic metre – more than five times the national safe standard – at about 1am” (As a comparison, at 20th Feb, 9pm, Singapore’s hourly PM2.5 level is at 57 at the central area, and about the 25 to 40 range for other areas (north, south, east west); the bigger numbers are the overall PSI readings, not the PM2.5 readings. The PM2.5 readings are in a smaller print.)

Source: Screenshot by me!

Source: Screenshot by me!

Hopefully, these updates will provide you with a better picture of the pollution caused by firecrackers!


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Li, J. (2015). Beijing Welcomes Auspicious Snowfall amid heavy pollution over Lunar New Year. South China Morning Post — China. [Online] Retrieved from: [Last accessed: 20 February 2015]


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