Air Purifier as a Bus Stop?

Hong Kong’s air pollution is extremely bad. And a recent article shows how one company, Sino Group teamed up with another, Arup, to develop a roadside air purifier. The air purifier, while being unable to solve the problem directly (point and diffuse sources of air pollution such as industries, mainly from mainland China, and vehicles on the streets), at the very least emphasises how bad the air is for residents.

This purifier can remove pollutants such as PM2.5 too, and pumps out the clean air at the top so that the device forms an air curtain, and may also cut down the street canyon effect caused by buildings (the street canyon model is also used for the OSPM model mentioned in the previous blog posts!)

I have to replicate the photo from the article here, just to show how it actually looks like!

Clifford (2015) however notes that if the government were serious about minimizing street level pollutants, they should be actively trying to reduce the number of pollution sources too. I do agree with that but I suppose a stark reminder about the poor air quality seems to be a good campaign method — it has at the very least, caught my attention even though i am viewing it on a computer screen. Reducing pollutants just not involves active measures, but also about being sufficiently aware and sustaining the reduction through an understanding and awareness of the present day scenario.


Clifford, M. (2015) Beat the Hong Kong Smog: Outdoor Air Purifier Doubles As Bus Stop. Forbes. [Online] Retrieved from: [last accessed: 8 April 2015]


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